VC Strategies


Promoting transparency, ethics & adoption for Blockchain. Our systems will support in depth comparative and relevant metrics and analysis of crypto/blockchain markets. Its time to stop gauging a crypto or blockchain project on its marketcap and start measuring it by its performance against its peers.

Broad market penetration

Supporting crypto marketplaces, crypto & blockchain market analysis, trading tools, wealth management & fundamental crypto user tools, we are tapping a broad arrray of the blockchain market.

Not competing for Blockchain developers

In 2018 it was estimated that there were 14 blockchain projects for every blockchain developer. We are not building a blockchain so we dont need blockchain developers but, we do use some of the best API & web developers available to bring these tools to fruition

Market driven product focus

We are a small "hands on" team who have been working, trading, investing and focused on blockchain tech for more than 5 years. Our products address an array of shortcomings we notice when navigating current market tools, these products are of the users for the users.

Agile development

Not all development teams are the same. After working with no less than 5 development teams, we know we have some of the best of the best. While other developers are still working discovery on provided requiremenrts, our developers are already wrapping up the development. Our developers are also flexible in their developer resources, able to scale to meet variable workloads. In the end our team has repeatedly demonstrated their technical capcity while delivering ahead of schedule.


We have already produced several first to market services and our list of up and coming new and innovative features to come is long. We are building a unified looking glass into all things blockchain

Release Notes

Watch our progress


An overview of some of our initiatives over the next year

Launch more services

We will also be launching the VCBlox multi-explorer platform as well as a VCPulse Mobile app bringing access to our various sites through a single interface

Aggressive development

Bringing our current sites into BETA and up to production release. We orchestrate multiple development teams working aggressive software delivery in parallel

Increase userbase

We will be rolling out both a traditional and a guerrilla marketing campaign to promote brand awareness for our Beta product line

Roll out the features

We have a long list of features lined up for these sites post funding. We will be rolling out an array of first to market and improved market datasets and capabilities

Microsoft executive also served as an Executive Officer (XO) for DISA

Lawrence Wesley


Retired military comptroller with 20 years of finance experience

Arvin Bullock


Cofounding member of MySpace with over 15 years of extensive marketing experience

Joe Chung

Marketing Director

Architect with 18 years of experience in security, engineering and executive leadership

Ryan Purdy


Nearly 15 years of IT experience with emphasis on O&M and Engineering

Alex Menendez


Founder with a life long career in technology and proven product vision

Shawn Gregg

Director, Business Development