VCDepth Release 2.1 (BETA)

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VCDepth Release 2.1 (BETA)

Post by shawn.gregg » Fri Nov 29, 2019 6:45 pm

This is our second beta release, our primary objectives is the implementation of TradingView Charts and the implementation and tracking of sector indices. We also will be making numerous updates and improvements to our UI/UX.


Front Page:
  • Changed all assets to list by ticker instead of name Implemented slightly updated header
  • Implemented changeable info-panels
  • Updated graphics for the BVM info panel on the front page
  • Implemented global markets view info panel on the front page
    • Market Share by region
    • Market makers by trading pair
    • Global markets Price books and volume displayed and sortable
  • Deployed a new style for BVM on front page
  • Updated design for chart and global markets info panel to be collapsible and start collapsed
  • Updated info panel title bar formatting
  • Minor cosmetic updates.
  • Deployed the back end system for indices and have already built out an index for more than a dozen sector specific use cases. Front end should be deployed and usable soon.
  • Deployed ability to control default chart and info panel settings along side default fields on vcdepth, coinbvm, desktop or mobile.
  • Alphabetized most of our menu’s
  • Implemented slightly updated header

New Exchanges:
Binance Jersey, Binance JEX, Huobi Japan, HuobiKuKoin, Huobi US, Huobi Korea

New Feature:
Yet another first to market, Sector Indices have been released! Currently available under markets in the header menu and you can search for an index in the search bar. We have added 19 sector Indices already and are using calculations based on the formula used to calculate the S&P500. Implementation includes index screener and individual index depth pages showing a comparison of like asset performance. Come take a look >


We are still working on the implementation of indices and tradingview charts which are the two larger list items for this release. We are fine tuning Trading View charts now, they are nearly ready. We will continue to make continuous deployments as features and updates are ready.

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