Release Notes: VCDepth 1.1a:

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Release Notes: VCDepth 1.1a:

Post by shawn.gregg » Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:36 am

VCDepth 1.1a was a supplemental release focused on refining a few existing features and staging our back end infrastructure for infinite scaling. The release notes for VCDepth 1.1a are as follows.

General UI/UX & formulas:
--Price anomaly exclusion
----We have implemented a master price index where we trust stable exchanges prices when confronted with anomalous prices from less trustworthy exchanges. We further enhance this in our 2.0 release
--Historical market tracker hover over now tracks the # of markets we polled when we plotted the point so users can tell if a spike may have to do with us adding coins, adding/fropping exchanges or market organic.
--Global MDR value is now presented on the global MDR realtime books chart and in the hover over in the historical chart
--All the coins mini-charts are not hotlinked to their coin-depth page
--Mobile:Expire hover-overs made to expire to improve the mobile experience
--Exclude coins with books less than $1,000,000 from top 3 boxes
--Top3 charts are now Clickable/hot linked to their coindepth page.
--Support Additional currencies
----USD (Pre-existing)
----EUR (Pre-existing)
----GBP (Pre-existing)

Poller Pool
--Developed fault-tolerant salable poller solution
----Divides and distributes load sharing of all polling loads automatically
----Automatically detects poller failures and re-distributes the load to online pollers
----Allows Exchange/Poller Pinning
----Integrated with Hydra front end to allow exponential polling capabilities

Hydra Project
--Stood up a dynamic pool of collaborative proxies
----We can submit our queries from anywhere in the world
----We can source our queries from randomly changing IP addresses
----We can sustain concurrent connections to any source
----We Auto detect proxy failures and remove bad proxies
----Hydra proxy Pool can expand or contract as needed

Integrated additional exchanges (8)

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