Release Notes: VCDepth 1.1: (June.2018)

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Release Notes: VCDepth 1.1: (June.2018)

Post by shawn.gregg » Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:11 pm

Release Notes: VCDepth 1.1: (June.2018)

New Metrics
-Introduction of MDR
-Tracking price & price changes

Front page & Footer
-Add footer links
-Remove top buy/sell pressure
-Add top 3 MDR
-Add Top3 24hr MDL change
-Remove buy/ sell pressure 24hr % change
-Add MDR and 24hr MDR fields
-Updates to Global market depth size and gradient
-Add Historic Global Market Depth chart

Coin Depth Details Page
-Sub-header Information
--Tracking 24 hour price change
--Added MDR
--Added MDRx24hr
-Added historical depth chart
-Added historic MDR chart
-Implement individual exchange data and mini-depth charts

-Integrate the following exchanges

-Admin: Magic Coin Scanner
-Admin: Migrate to separate admin server
-Admin: Meta-data controls
-Admin: Various additional controls
-Track fractions of a penny

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