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VCDepth Release 1.2

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 9:45 am
by shawn.gregg
As with all our releases, this release will be deployed in a CI fashion as feature development is ready to deploy. These release notes will be updated along the way, post deployment. After this 1.2 release and the next release, we will be on the cusp of wrapping up our BETA and moving into what we consider production.
  • Various backend admin facilities for coin management
  • Added notifications window at bottom of front page so we can notify users of issues and changes
  • Ousted old header and introduced our new header bar
  • Added filters for volume and marketcap & filter reset button
  • Added field chooser so user may choose which fields they would like to see in the order they want to see it
  • Moved global chart to top of screen and reworked controls for bids/asks & MDR, added marketcap
  • Added top boxes for Books and Volume, coming soon, marketcap
  • Updated filter bar for the coindepth page as well
  • Included new fields to choose from such as 7 day mini price chart and marketcap
  • Implemented chart delineation to let users know that the displayed books has reached end of record and draws a line between % of books user selected and the point we show the complete books
  • Included Market tracking and are now tracking Western, Asian, International & derivatives markets separately.
  • Implemented filtering by exchange, dont like S.Korean prices, exclude them yourself, just want to see one exchange, just choose that exchange.
  • Re-enabled BitMex polling, must choose derivatives market or add Bitmex under exchange filters to see it included in the global numbers.
  • Developed complex MarkeCap analysis engine and now supporting marketcap field and master marketcap metric (Still updating marketcaps for some assets)
  • Implemented Cloud Redis caching, leveraging technology to increase our performance well beyond that of our "peers."
*While we will continue to refine and clean up features from this last release, this concludes the feature set for this release. We have already started on our next release which is full of polish and features and will take our site from Alpha to Beta as we start taking shape closer to our final form.