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VCDepth Release 2.0 (BETA)

Posted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:37 pm
by shawn.gregg
We are working on our first official beta release of our site and are releasing updates in CI deployments as they are ready. We will continue to update this page as the releases occur.


Front Page:
  • Chart: Moved data flag to chart header
  • Chart: Added system notifications to bottom of chart
  • Chart: Included hourly chart view
  • Field Chooser: Implemented field management solution
  • New Fields: We have added a bunch of new fields, come take a look
  • Summarized global market values
  • Removed axis legends from chart
  • Only show data flag on finger press
  • Truncating large values with letter representation for compact view
  • Implemented new system for swiping between the various fields the user has selected
  • Menu system made mobile friendly
    • All filters and common functions are at the top of screen
    • Less commonly accessed features moved to under the profile button
    • Coin search available on front page without having to click first to search
  • Instruments for Multi-Site implementation
  • Improved Magic Coin management system
  • Poller efficiency improvements
  • SQL cluster upgrade
  • Redis cache improvements
  • Various other improvements
Added 4 largest exchanges by customers and market depth for their markets, added two new markets (Russian & Latin)

New Feature:
Field: The Triple Variable Trend (TVT), now available for all percentage change fields. Users see the trends they want to see, how they want to see them! Go play with this, we are the first to market and this is a fantastic tool!

New Indicator:
The Book to Volume Ratio (BVR): While this indicator plays a very important role in how we assess fake volume, we are finding it helpful for other technical analysis as well. The Book to Volume Ratio is exactly what it sounds like. If an asset has 10Million in books and 100Million in volume, it would have a 10% BVR. For example, this makes it easy to see exchanges or assets with $10k in books and $100M in (clearly fake) volume, in a single number.


Mini-Charts Expansion
  • Now users have their choice of mini-depth charts for books, volume or price in 24h, 3d, 1w, 1m durations
  • Now mini-realtime-depth charts update when users select a different Depth Of Books filter.
  • Updated caching for mini-charts
Front Page (simple) chart
  • Added 1 hour duration
  • Added Global Marketcap tracking
  • Redesigned depth management with drop down selection
  • Introduced Books/24 a 24 hour running average of the books
  • Defaulted chart to books/24 depth selection (Previous depth charting available as “RealTime Books”
CoinDepth Page
  • Introduced selectable info-panels
  • Introduced Recently viewed assets info panel
  • Updated real-time depth panel to change when users select different Depth Of Books filter
  • Implemented new chart design on the coin-depth page
  • Deployed the new global markets info-panel for the coin-depth page. We are the only site on the internet that shows this collective data, this panel displays ->
    • What trading pairs does each asset derive its liquidity. Is most the liquidity from BTC or ETC markets, USD, KRW? Come take a look
    • What is the price, volume and liquidity for an asset across each of the regions it is traded. You can see what regions have the most demand for each asset.
  • Coin-depth page: Automatic value refresh every minute
  • Front Page, scrolling down far enough will lock the column title bar to top of screen instead of scrolling it further.
  • Integrated
  • Variety of bug fix
  • Various bug fix
  • Added static ranking on left of coin screenr
  • Added combined books field under coin-depth page
  • Made fields sortable under Global Markets info-panel
  • Set chart defaults for new users
  • Reduced summation for compact number presentation
  • Increased admins capability for setting default fields and settings
  • Implemented individual asset/exchange depth details on the coin-depth page
  • Added market-cap to real-time info-panel on coin-depth page
  • Various bug fix
  • Rolled out Multi-Site functionality and brought CoinBVM to life! Our site is so flexible and diverse, we were able to break off two distinct websites targeting two different target market
    • COINBVM: Books Volume and MarketCap but really, its the data you want to see, how you wan to see it. Where users manipulate the data instead of the data being used to manipulate the users
    • VCDepth: Reinvigorating Technical Analysis (TA) by providing historical and real-time global market liquidity that redefines analysis of Open Interest. VCDepth provides greater validation of convergence/divergence and introduces an entirely new data-set for systematic trend analysis.
-Bug fix

This release is complete and we have started working on our next release. In our 2.1 release we bring TradingView charts to the site along with one more huge first to market feature and a ton of smaller updates similar to this release. Stay tuned to our social channels and this forum for more!