28.Feb.2018: Staging for team growth

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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28.Feb.2018: Staging for team growth

Post by vcadmin » Wed Feb 28, 2018 6:35 pm

-We have charted out all of our lateral product line and while we have not expanded our initial release (6 sites/services), we have expanded the scope of the enterprise business model substantially. We are now looking at 14 sites and services as well as 2 hardware based product lines to launch over the next 18 months.
-We have hashed out a high level but comprehensive two year budget projection
-We have almost completed building out the org chart and role definition in order to be able to focus on the slots we need to fill. This should allow us to start aggressively growing the team this week.
-David Green is feeling out the position of Compliance officer and acting as the VCTrack product lead.
-Logo work for enterprise wide re-branding and synchronicity is still in progress, new proofs are now flowing in.
-We have a new resource starting to ramp up on the team, still working to get up to speed and identify the right role but this will be another great add.
-We have started working on developing a Nagios monitoring infrastructure so that we can have a single pane dashboard capable of monitoring all systems and services pertinent to our cloud operations.

-Initial release complete
-There were some misunderstandings regarding some of the locations and functionality, this was liekly due to us not developing in depth software requirement specifications on this first project.
-We have a suplementary dev release to address those items and a couple other things we wanted to squeeze in on this release.
-Developer will deliver the updated code within the next two weeks

-Dev team currently working

-We are researching base code

VCPulse (Product of VCServices.Group a division of VCP2P MarketPlace Inc):
-Stood up Postgres Cluster node in support of VCTrack
-Managed costs by locking in yearly rate on our current serverfarm.

VCTrack (A component of VCPulse):
-Qedum continues to reach out to us as needed and are actively developing the VCTrack platform now
-Qedum unable to integrate with Omni wallet explorer yet due to ongoing system upgrades by omni devs
-David Green has assumed the product lead role
-Site should be online and functional within the next 5 weeks

VCDepth (A component of VCPulse):
-Development work is ongoing now, delivery no later than 5.April
-Cudev already has developed far enough we are seeing database population.

VCHealth (A component of VCPulse):
-The SRS was proven more difficult than anticipated and is still under development though almost done now. Part of the delay is the nature of our SRS documents, they have matured since inception and have become much more detailed and professional. This SRS will be nearly 30 pages when completed
-There is some fantastic and super flexible Admin UI and controls for managing and maintaining the site. The developed UI is so powerful, we are going to be filing a patent on it.
-SRS will be completed this week.



We are currently managing 4 development teams and one limited initial release already online. We have really focused on internal business development such as budget and staffing so that we can move forward with staffing and the funding process. The list seems short, it has been one of those weeks mostly focused on behind the scenes details that dont sound exciting but they were very necessary efforts and time well spent in our transition to a larger team and acceleration of product development. We still could use some help, if you are interested in ownership and have some level of talent and time to offer, reach out to shawn(dot)gregg@vcp2p(dot)org. We will list specific roles and opportunities in the near future.



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