8.March.2018: Here we grow again

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow development. As the company is started, there will be public and private forums for development updates. There are already more forums available for authenticated users.
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8.March.2018: Here we grow again

Post by shawn.gregg » Thu Mar 08, 2018 6:33 pm


-Completed an 18 page staffing plan and have started executing on our search to fill seats
-We are on boarding two new people one on the marketing side another on the dev side, these new resources both have a lot of time to give to the initiative at the moment and likely a big win for the company all together.
-Due to funding requirements we are abandoning the S-Corp in order to allow greater flexibility in funding options when the time comes..
-We are changing the company name, VCP2P MarketPlace Inc was fine when it was only a P2P market place but now that its 16 sites and services across 5 broad spectrum's, this only makes sense. We will take advantage of filing as a C-Corp to capture the new name. In process will still be relative the the VC that all our sites start with.
-Logo work for enterprise wide re-branding still under work
-We are still building out Nagios enterprise systems monitoring platform

-Initial release complete
-We have a supplementary dev release to address issues with initial release, shortcomings on both the dev's and our side. We have funded the dev work and they are currently coding.
-Developer will deliver the updated code within the next two weeks

-Dev update
-Home page display of top crypto prices complete
-coinpayment gateway integration complete
-Listing a property has been crypto integrated
-Wallet management has been completed
-Search results in crypto has been completed
-Property details with Crypto has been completed
-Admin panel updates has been started

-We have identified some sexy looking and functional base code and are working on setting up the initial infrastructure and build now.


-App web servers now running on NGINX web servers
-Implemented front end reverse proxy server servicing VCDepth & VCTrack, this prevents the public from having direct access to our application servers or internal infrastructure.
-In preparation to support VCHealth and VCBlox block explorers, we have started building out wallet infrastructure and now have the following full nodes online and operational.
-Bitcoin (BTC)
- Ethereum (ETH)

VCTrack (A component of VCPulse):
-Qedum continues to reach out to us as needed and are actively developing the VCTrack platform now
-Qedum unable to integrate with Omni wallet explorer yet due to ongoing system upgrades by omni devs
-Site should be online and functional within the next month

VCDepth (A component of VCPulse):
1. Finished the MySQL database design creation with the migrations.
2. Developed all the API wrappers for pulling data from 5 cryptocurrency exchange platforms
- Binance
- Bittrex
- Poloniex
- Bitfinex
3. Started working on the home and coin pages.
4. Started the implementation of the graphs functionality for the home and coin pages.

VCHealth (A component of VCPulse):
-The VCHealth Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) is finally done, 30 pages and currently under peer review, this will go out for contract this week. We anticipate around a week before we award the contract due to the complexity of the work.



We are currently managing 4 development teams and one limited initial release is already online. We are about to put out a 5th landmark site out for bid and we are finally bringing online the 6th site soon. We have identified an organizational structure that has a small executive team, a large product management team and even larger 3rd party services teams. We are growing now, we have sweat equity positions available now.

What we offer:
-Fantastic product line that you can get excited about
-Project is already well under way
-Great team members with an array of strengths
-Share compensation (with dividends)
-Product Managers receive a % of their sites profits
-Very competitive wages once revenue stream supports it
-Many products and positions to choose from at the moment

-You are a fairly smart MF
-Be at least crypto aware
-Ambitious with good work ethic
-Able to contribute at least 10 hours a week to the company

If you are interested in ownership and have some level of talent and time to offer, reach out to shawn(dot)gregg@vcp2p(dot)org. We will provide you with the staffing plan for you to see if there might be a fit for you.



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