15.March.2018: VantageCrypto /The best weekly update to date

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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15.March.2018: VantageCrypto /The best weekly update to date

Post by shawn.gregg » Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:27 pm



van·tage /van(t)ij/
1. A position giving a strategic advantage, commanding perspective, or comprehensive view.


-Branding is nearly complete, we now have an official name and the logo is nearly complete with site branding just around the corner. Our new name if you havent figured it out, VantageCrypto Inc.

-Marketing protocols and guidelines are now under development

-Our staffing pursuits have yielded better results than we could of hoped for. While we still have some unfilled positions, we are accruing an all star team that's nearly as exciting as our product line. You can visit vcp2p.org about us section to see updates to our staffing as we grow. Here are the current positions we have filled to date including recent new add’s since out last update.

-We have now confirmed Joe Chung as Marketing Director and brought on Lawrence Wesley (Wes) as CEO, Grant Ice as a Product Manager for VCStay & VCREAL and Arvin Bullock as CFO. We have also official slid Alex Menendez into the COO role and also the PdM of the VCMiner product line. If you know any of these guys, you know what kind of team we have, everyone on the team has great strengths and mature industry experience in their relative area. The team we have assembled is almost as exciting as our product line.

Staff to date:

-Founder/Director of Business Development: Shawn Gregg
-CTO: Ryan Purdy
-COO: Alex Menendez
-Compliance Officer: David Green
-Marketing Director: Joe Chung
-CEO: Lawrence Wesley
-CFO/Finance manager: Arvin Bullock
-VCREAL Product Manager: Grant Ice
-VCStay Product Manager: Grant Ice
-VCMiner Product Manager Alex Menendez

-With a CFO/Finance manager now on board, we are now on track to re-register our company with its new name as a C-Corp, establish our financial conduits and begin the process for the private equity offering. This will be completed before next update.

-Nagios network monitoring service now online and we are establishing all the probes with http response and resource utilization coming online now. Nagios has been integrated into a slack channel. Later we will integrate Nagios API monitoring capabilities into our applications.

-We stood up a new internal resource, TeamPass, a 2FA enforced password management solution, essential with so many systems, logins and passwords. This has also been SSO integrated.

-Our VCP2P.org site has been updated, take a look at the front page and about us sections.

-We have updated our business plan slides, the new slides do much better at capturing the big picture. Still needs formating and content updates but you should find this fairly interesting. → https://vcp2p.org/VCServices_slidesv1.2.pdf

-The business plan is currently being updated

VCP2P MarketPlace:

-We have been struggling to close out the gap in the coinpayments gateway processing and then we will have our supplemental updates implemented along with the changes in gateway handling.

-We will be moving this project to a new developer for the next release.

-Developer will deliver the updated code within the next two weeks

-We now have a dedicated Product Manager (PdM) allocated to this project. Grant Ice has had a career in real-estate and property management, has been in the crypto space for years and is already bringing some great ideas to the table.

-We have chaged the name of VCBnB to VCStay, the conversion will be complete over this next week.

-We noticed an array of items that were not to spec, we are working out these issues with the dev now.

-We will be moving this project to a new developer for the next release.

-We now have a dedicated Product Manager (PdM) allocated to this project. Grant Ice has had a career in real-estate and property management, has been in the crypto space for years and is already bringing some great ideas to the table.

-Reverse Proxy configured and certs installed on App and RP server

-Our base code is now online, just finalizing some minor configurations and then we will start working on the software requirements documentation to cryptofy it. The codebase looks great, represents our brand well and has all the advanced features found in platforms such as UpWork with multi-milestone payments and hourly or firm fixed cost contracts. Once this platform is establish, we will force our devs to use our platform to bid on our work, we will be generating a fair amount of traffic ourselves.

-Take a peek: http://vcfrelance.net

VCPulse Market Analytics:

VCTrack (A component of VCPulse):
-Qedum has presented us with access to the code they have worked to date.
--FB/Google API account integration is completed
--Front page appears to be fairly completed
--Add coin appears to be fairly complete minus bulk entry options
--The system works now, you can add ETH but there are issues with multiple like wallets showing up on the front page and they havent gotten tokens ironed out yet.
--Just the basic framework is here, no charts or fancy stuff yet.

-Take a peek at http://vctrack.io

-Dev’s appear to be a little behind schedule but definitely on track to deliver a working product in a fairly timely fashion

-Site should be online and fully functional within the next 3 weeks

VCDepth (A component of VCPulse):
-Our Cudev Ukrainian development team is amazing! They ask all the right questions, they understand what we are telling them, most the time they understand what we didnt tell them and they are producing code at nearly an alarming rate. We anticipate having Cudev as an integral part of our development team for the foreseeable future.

-The dev team came back and asked for input, we provided 4 points we wanted them to adjust, 3 of the 4 are already knocked out.

-After a minor adjustment in the concatenation of global buy pressure and some minor adjustments in the top 3 stats, the initial site release is pretty much done other than the Admin panel.

-Take a peek: http://vcdepth.io (Note polling frequency and breadth of coins is low right now while under dev, stats update every hour at present)

VCHealth (A component of VCPulse):
-The VCHealth Software Requirement Specifications (SRS) went out for bid and is on upwork now. https://www.upwork.com/jobs/~019852d652fdb761c6

-We already have 22 developers express interest. Now that we have a favorable rating and have paid out some dollars, we are having more of the larger companies take interest. We have multiple million dollar revenue companies approaching us this round.

-We anticipate awarding this contract by next week



We are currently managing 5 development teams but we are going to use the additional responses from our VCHealth SRS to field our next big Dev team of which we will in turn over all the VCP2P MarketPlace sites over to. We have an array of tangible development progress that has occurred over the last week with 4 alpha sites online now. We have our final VCP2P platform base code online and the last VCPulse site out for bid. We have grown our team remarkably with some extremely top notch talent and character. We have consummated our Marketing director, CEO, three Product Management slots and a CFO/Finance manager.

We still have slots available if you are interested in investing sweat equity and working with a fantastic team.

What we offer:
-Fantastic product line that you can get excited about
-Project is already well under way
-Great team members with an array of strengths
-Share compensation (with dividends)
-Product Managers receive a % of their sites profits
-Very competitive wages once revenue stream supports it
-Many products and positions to choose from at the moment

-You are a fairly smart MF
-Be at least crypto aware
-Ambitious with good work ethic
-Able to contribute at least 10 hours a week to the company

If you are interested in ownership and have some level of talent and time to offer, reach out to shawn(dot)gregg@vcp2p(dot)org. We will provide you with the staffing plan for you to see if there might be a fit for you.


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Re: 15.March.2018: VantageCrypto /The best weekly update to date

Post by joe.chung » Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:44 pm

I am absolutely ecstatic to be on board. VantageCrypto is the solution that I was looking for to fill the voids in my life, both as a product and as a company. From the very minute Shawn and I talked for the first time, I could see that our passion for cyrpto was aligned. Upon hearing more about VC, I was hooked.

I'm glad to be on board, and I'm happy to state that I will be dedicating myself full-time to VantageCrypto.

My current focus lies on branding, to ensure that we have all of the brand materials ready and available prior to launch of each of the products of VC.

I'll be sure to provide further updates as we progress, but I wanted to take this time to properly introduce myself.
Marketing Director

Areas of Expertise: Branding, Marketing Strategy, Creative Advertising, Graphic Design, Photography, Interactive Media, User Flow

Beginning his career at a small design firm in 2000, Joe Chung has nearly two decades of experience in the creative industry. In 2002, Joe endeavored into digital/online media – creating a comprehensive internet directory targeted to 20,000 Korean Americans within the Southern California region. Within 12 months of its inception, the company expanded to 4 cities and catered to over 100,000 Asian Americans before its acquisition by a global entertainment company.

In 2003, Joe joined the founding team of MySpace.com as a Senior Designer, where his responsibilities included liaising advertising and marketing campaigns for MySpace.com and advertisers/agencies throughout the world. Joe has contributed vision and dictated procedures for a proprietary targeted-advertising platform which led to a $900MM exclusivity partnership between MySpace.com and Google in 2006. Respectively, MySpace.com and its parent company (InterMix Media) was acquired by News Corporation for $580MM in the same year. Joe departed from MySpace.com in 2007 to pursue a career in international development.

In 2008, Joe relocated to Belize, Central America, where he has spent the better part of the last decade as a marketing consultant for various companies throughout the country. He continues to reside in San Pedro Town of Ambergris Caye, Belize, and has joined the VantageCrypto team as Marketing Director in March of 2018.

Throughout his career, Joe has created, approved and/or directed $400MM+ in advertising campaigns, promotion marketing campaigns and strategic advertising partnerships for companies throughout the globe, including Apple, Microsoft, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Forbes, Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers, Viacom, FOX and Disney.
Feel free to ask me any questions!

Joe C.

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