2.April.2018: Routine domination

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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2.April.2018: Routine domination

Post by shawn.gregg » Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:39 am


-After a continued struggle with Texas and us changing our name enough to meet all the requirements of Texas legislation, they still refused to let us register our name. As a result we withdrew our request to register in Texas and have now filed in Florida, we should be online in the next 24-48 hours.
-New logo’s and marketing guidance continues to flow and is being published, logo branding is nearly complete
-The main website has undergone an array of updates
-Adding historical charting function to our systems monitoring solution
-Establishing corporate accounts on array of crypto exchanges
-Met with Google PM and Engineer to discuss infrastructure options
-Making good progress in the development of our corporate compliance framework
-We have created standard mail boxes such as finance and support, no-repy, etc
-We have created Twitter pages for most our products
-We have started a presence/account on an array of large popular crypto forums
-We performed penetration and vulnerability testing on most of our servers and remediation where necessary
-Have fired up Google Analytics and started integrating into our sites so we can track traffic
-Continued work on updating the business plan, this will likely be ongoing up to the offering
-Our infrastructure is now up to over 20 servers including our cluster nodes

VCP2P MarketPlace:

-All development work from current devs is “complete”
-We are Q/A’ing dev work now and working with devs to try to get them to resolve issues
-The dev code is now on our primary URL
-We will be starting on SRS development for the new developers starting this week

-All development work from current devs is “complete”
-We are Q/A’ing dev work now and working with devs to try to get them to resolve issues
-The dev code is now on our primary URL
-We will be starting on SRS development for the new developers starting this week

-We could use a freelance PM to get this project moving along

VCPulse Market Analytics:
We are migrating this architecture to a new solution we have developed which addresses our data with a big data approach employing a NoSQL buffer between our SQL nodes and our API front end enabling us to handle large scale simultaneous queries. This change will result in a single common API framework that all of our sites and services will use.

-The developers have worked out an array of issues that we had previously although there are still problems from prices to some holdings not tracking and the chart not working. The devs are working this.
-We are still running a mirror of our site that is actually sitting on an integration and testing box remotely, we will be moving code local and branding this week. We can also resolve FB signup/login issues at that time as well.
-We currently support the tracking of some 35 wallets
-We have awarded a contract to integrate Binance user read-only API. This will allow users to track their Binance holdings as well. This will be our alpha proof of concept. Binance should be integrated in less than two weeks.

-The first release, alpha 1.0 is now online and tracking 115 popular coins on over 400 markets.
-The VCDepth 1.1 release SRS is now complete, 19 pages of awesome, you guys are going to love our next release, it will make our current site look like garbage and the power it it gives the admin with the newly introduced “Magic Coin Scanner” will make it easy for our site admin to keep on top of changing market conditions.
-Our database growth was primarily due to SQL replica transaction logs, data requirements are much more reasonable now.
-We will be performing a small limited alpha release of VCDepth in a few forums to generate feedback, understand impact of real users versus load testing, promoting awareness and possibly for fielding candidates for our slots.

-Fired up app server, poller and sql database
-Work already underway, the developers are currently working on the blockchain pollers
-Architecture may be changing as we are starting the project, see VCAPI details.
-We now have 8 wallets /nodes online

VCTools Crypto Toolbox

-Holding off on VCBlox for now as we wait for VCAPI to come online since it will feed all our websites with all the data they need.

-We wernt going to fire up this project yet but it makes too much sense not too. We have already generated an SRS and provided it to our developers for a quote and to bring VCHealth online using the new VCAPI interface.
-We are developing our own API framework
-Once online, all of our VCPulse and VCBlox sites will use this centralized API feed and will feed proprietary data to our centralized solution
-Once we have a refined well oiled API machine, we will duplicate the infrastructure and create a front facing subscription based customer API interface



Momentum is still strong, we have our first full release of an array of our apps online now and we are working on the next release for most of our sites now. We are going to have many sites and services online by the time we need to worry about additional funding.

We still have slots available if you are interested in investing sweat equity and working with a fantastic team.

What we really need right now:
-Software Delivery Manager
-VCFreeLance Product development Manager
-VCTrack Product development Manager
-VCAds Product development Manager

What we offer:
-Work from anywhere on your own schedule
-Fantastic product line that you can get excited about
-Project is already well under way
-Great team members with an array of strengths
-Share compensation (with dividends)
-Product Managers receive a % of their sites profits
-Very competitive wages once revenue stream supports it
-Many products and positions to choose from at the moment

-You are a fairly smart MF
-Be at least crypto aware
-Ambitious with good work ethic
-Able to contribute at least 10 hours a week to the company

If you are interested in ownership and have some level of talent and time to offer, reach out to shawn(dot)gregg@vantagecrypto(dot)com. Lets talk.

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