17.April.2018: Things in motion, stay in motion

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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17.April.2018: Things in motion, stay in motion

Post by shawn.gregg » Tue Apr 17, 2018 1:10 pm


-Our filing for Florida is now completely, we are officially VantageCrypto Inc
-Started the process to establish a corporate account on numerous more crypto exchanges
-Corporate resolutions pushed to empower CEO, CFO & business development to facilitate financial instruments and legally fulfill contractual agreements on behalf of the company.
-In process of opening fiat banking corporate account
-Now have Docusign as our official document signing platform
-Our back-end networking component underwent a migration that required most our servers to be Re-IP’d. This was coordinated with developers and worked in tandem internally. All the servers have been migrated successfully. The migration was primarily in support of our monitoring and management infrastructure requirements.
-Our network monitoring solution has been centralized and is monitoring all of our servers
-We are moving our back end infrastructure, things such as our file management portal, project management and devtracker, etc. Our sensitive services will be taken off the Internet and only accessible via cert based VPN.
-We have another potential team member add, stay tuned for more information
-Working on polishing our various mission statements and company slogan
-Our current open positions are listed here, we need good people!
https://vantagecrypto.com/forum/viewfor ... b3ba3487fa

VCP2P MarketPlace:
We are nearly ready to shift to the new developers, we should be able to put this multi-site contract out for award within the next week.

-Working a couple small details with the previous dev to test the transaction fully from end to end
-Working on building the next release software requirement specifications. The next release covers over 20 new features and bug fixes. The SRS is currently under development.
-The current product actually conveys quite nicely, a few things worth noting:
-It’s easy for us to add more coins, we can support up to 300!
-It has all the look and feel one could want for a crypto real estate site
-It has the ability to submit offers and counter offers online
-Lister can enable the ability to take backup offers
-Payment processing to start is paypal escrow, crypto final payment. Seller has to wire money on behalf of the buyer once they receive paypal funds.
-Payment processing still under testing
-Go play with it, https://vcreal.net (Google/FB login integration coming in next release)

-Numerous issues with previous dev work will remain addressed by the original dev. We believe they will fix our crypto currency selector drop down on the front page, that is all.
-The Software Requirement Specifications is already 31 pages long and nearly completed with around 20 new bug fixes and features outlined with mockups for the the 1.1 release.
-Still testing transactions, anticipate additional updates for transaction support
-Cannot submit for bid until we have completed transaction portion
-The site doesnt suck, its crypto enabled and other than a few quirks here and there, its quite easy to see how nice this site is going to be, how close it is already. https://vcstay.net.

-We could use a freelance PM to get this project moving along

VCPulse Market Analytics:

-There are still issues remaining from the initial dev release, we are tracking with the dev
-We have completely rebuilt the server from the source code, have evaluated much of the code, have the ability to perform disaster recovery from bare metal and have developed a build doc.
-The Binance integration is nearly complete, this enables us to support tracking all the wallets that the exchange offers. We anticipate this wrapping up by end of week.

-Contract awarded to incumbent dev for release 1.1
-NDA signed directly between our companies
-Contract for VCDepth release 1.1 created and signed and funded
-Dev work has begun and already completed the following
1. Integration of most of the new exchange APIs
2. Functionality for polling books and prices separately.

Developer update, the following has been reported complete to date
-SQL database design.
-Database migrations.
-Completed Bitcoin and Litecoin Wallet pollers.
-Started working on poller calculation module based on the provided formula.
-Started working on the admin area:
-coin list page
-coin general settings
-coin health logic
-coin polling and processing
–worked on the graphic design for home and coin pages
-Further worked the admin area:
a. Coin Area
b. Wallet Area
c. Settings Area
-We have some due outs on our side including several more wallet nodes we need to bring online and formulas we need to correct due to variances in different coin API capabilities.

VCTools Crypto Toolbox

-Holding off on VCBlox for now as we wait for VCAPI to come online since it will feed all our websites with all the data they need.

-We have big query and Apigee API enterprise platform online and the developer has full access to these tools and are still investigating the inter-workings of this solution. We expect a quote within the next two weeks as it reaches a critical point for VCHealth to start communicating between front end and back end.



We have many products having second releases in progress & development team optimization is underway to insure we have only have the most agile and capable development teams on staff. While this is a business as usual update, it shows that we are adjusting rhythm as needed, maintaining momentum, reaching milestones and bringing products to market #notvaporware

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