10.5.2018: Product maturity and development reorganization

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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10.5.2018: Product maturity and development reorganization

Post by vcadmin » Thu May 10, 2018 12:03 pm


-We are making progress in our filing for a private equity offering, we will be submitting documentation to the SEC in the next couple of weeks and will be able to share details as soon as the SEC approves our submission
-Wallet node builds complete for current releases (10 wallets with multiple BAAS platforms enabling integration with the majority of the top 100 coins)
-In order to be able to invest more than remedial amounts, we are eying enabling qualified investors by covering the costs for them to get certified as an accredited investor with an SEC recognized certification. We will be posting a link on our site in the near future.
-We have added Ben Spector to the crew, he is trying on the VCFreeLance PdM role for size and he has already rolled up his sleeves and engaged the development of the initial cryptofication of the site.
-We have another strong candidate currently getting spun up that we will likely announce on the next update.
-We have not officially launched VCDepth yet as we are nearing the completion of the official beta Release 1.1. We have started doing some minor advertising for VCDepth and VCREAL and so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We will look to officially release VCDepth in the very near future.
-Business plan and budget continue to be developed and polished.
-It took hopping through a lot of hoops as a C-Corp Crypto company but we finally have our corporate bank account open.
-Our internal services have been moved behind a VPN and we are transitioning our users now to remove our company content from the Internet. (This forum will be public along with non-sensitive content.)
-Our current open positions are listed here, we need good people! 
https://vantagecrypto.com/forum/viewfor ... c7f6f45706

VCP2P MarketPlace:
We are currently in process of transitioning the contract for these sites over to a new, more capable dev team. This shift of dev teams is to bring the same development capacity and efficiency to these products that our VCPulse products are currently enjoying.

-We have integrated the German language now
-We have integrated the Russian language now
-We finished the SRS at 50 pages long and over 40 features and bug fixes with some exciting new stuff in the pipeline
-We put the contract out for bid, we have 4 fairly significant development teams bidding on the project now. This dev will be taking over all of our P2P sites.
-We will be awarding this contract mid next week.

-The SRS was completed but we are reupdating with some of the additional relevant features we came up with on the recent VCREAL SRS.
-As soon as we award the VCREAL contract we will be forwarding the VCStay SRS to the new dev team for quote and should be starting dev the following week.

-Welcoming Ben Spector to the team he has taken on the PdM role for this position and has started working the initial cryptofication SRS for release 1.0.

VCPulse Market Analytics:
We have consolidated development work for the VCPulse line under Cudev as they are one of the best development teams available on the market today and are already working on two of our other VCPulse products.

-We elected to move this solution to a new team due to the difference in the quality of work and the micro-management requirements related to working with the last team.
-We have provided all the sourcecode to Cudev and they are engaging it now
-We will start on the next SRS in the next week or two and that release will bring the VCTrack product into scope and in line with our other VCPulse product lines.

-For this update we will let actions speak louder than words, if you havent seen lately, go take a look at https://vcdepth.io and don't forget to click on a coin to look at the coin-depth details
-We are now tracking 155 coins over 1156 markets and that number will be growing over the next few days
-Our MDR 24hr change % formula is incorrect, we are aware and working the update
-Most of the changes have been completed for this release with the last major component being the magic coin scanner which once ready will allow us to greatly increase the number of coins we are watching.
-This weeks dev work->
-- Minor updates for design
-- MDR chart was updated
-- Magic Coin Scanner
-- Dashboard updates
-- Coin list page updates
-- HTML Tags

Developer update, the following has was worked this last week
-Ethereum and Ethereum token integration

VCTools Crypto Toolbox

-Holding off on VCBlox for now as we wait for VCAPI to come online since it will feed all our websites with all the data they need.

-still under developer review.



While things may seem to have slowed up recently, our team has still been hard at work. We are making major shifts in several of our development teams which is causing a bit of a hiccup on our progression but in the big picture, this hiccup now will yield much greater mid & long term results. We are only accepting the most agile and capable development teams moving forward, a large part of our success will be based on the development teams we bring on board. This dev-shift was a significant early and anticipated re-organization as part of our initial shotgun and consolidation approach. In the meantime we have two products really close to being ready for initial public consumption with VCDepth’s release coming shortly and VCREAL being close enough that its easy to see where we are going and with that homerun coming on the next release less than 2 months from now. We continue to grow our team with really quality people despite the challenges with staffing on sweat equity. As we are ramping up our funding initiatives, we are working to bring the whole operation online full speed as soon as possible.

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