25.5.2018: Things are heating up again

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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25.5.2018: Things are heating up again

Post by shawn.gregg » Fri May 25, 2018 12:54 pm


-Updating our address, we initially used a lot owned by one of the owners to register the business in Florida, we are now circling back around and changing our address which will represent much better when searched.
-Trademarking our name in progress, in process of search and filing
-We have a new resource on the team we will announce next update, this individual has already proven to be a power hitter and will bring significant capacity to our team.
-We still need product managers for our VCPulse and VCTools line, possibly VCMiner and probably of highest priority right now, a Software Delivery Manager. If you think you might be a good fit for any of these positions, reach out to hr@vantagecrypto.com

-Budget projections completed
-SEC account registration

-Business plan final formatting under way
-We have started some test marketing on Facebook. We have had a great response, for next to nothing we have pulled thousands of post likes, more than 100 page likes and approximately 150 site clicks a day at less than 10cents a click. We will be ramping up our current campaign, however, marketing will be limited until we fund.

-Google SSH communications between all of our servers to encrypt and protect
-Working on inititating an Asian presence bringing our first Asian server online in the next week or two.
-Met with Google, discussed API infrastructure support and an array of additional tech to bring greater flexibility and capability to our platforms
-Introduced wallet build servers and compiled and redeployed an array of wallets due to a variety of surprises some wallets give us. We still have 10 nodes, fully operational including some BAAS platforms such as Ethereum
-Have started further investigation of serverless infrastructure in preparation for production implementation planning.

VCP2P MarketPlace:
We are currently in process of transitioning the contract for these sites over to a new, more capable dev team. This shift of dev teams is to bring the same development capacity and efficiency to these products that our VCPulse products are currently enjoying. We have received numerous bids from some decent developers but have another round of bids coming in beginning of next week. We will move forward with the new developers this next week.

-We now support 7 additional languages with basic translation and further language refinement in the near term. Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, French, German and Chinese.
-We worked to increase performance with the current site, site load times have improved noticeably
-We will be awarding this contract next week
-We have started creating sample properties across the world so when users try a search, they are likely to have some return results so that they can have a user experience to interact with.
-We recently met with a real estate management company in The Dominican Republic and are in talks about deploying our VCMLS solution in the DR and in step with the local government. Very preliminary talks.
-We have started working on planning our P2P unified UI/UX, this will be ongoing for some months but it will bring unity to our sites and differentiate us from competitors while still providing users with a familiar interface.

-The SRS was completed other than finalization of the transaction component which will be completed over the next few days.
-As soon as we award the VCREAL contract we will be forwarding the VCStay SRS to the new dev team for quote and should be starting dev the following week.

-VCFreeLance SRS is under development, we anticipate initial draft review in a couple of weeks.

VCPulse Market Analytics:

-Our development team has reviewed our old code and is ready to proceed. We will start working the next SRS next week, this release should make our product fairly competitive with the competition.

-Release 1.1 has been completed as the developers wrapped up backup and restore functionality in the control panel.
-We have prepared a supplemental release 1.1a that we will start dev on next week, its more back end changes to increase our polling capacity and increase our our data to a more real-time level. There will also be a handful of UI/UX changes to bring more value to this release.
-We have implemented Russian and Spanish language support
-We are wrapping up validation of translations for Japanese and Korean currently
-We now have close to 300 coins we are tracking on almost 2000 markets

-The alpha release will be ready in a month, it will not convey the sites purpose well, most the work was back end, the next release will make the sites purpose apparent.
-Developer- update, the following has was worked this last week
The Omni tokens integration
The SIA tokens integration
The Dash tokens integration
The Monero tokens integration
Started working on the GAME and Stellar coins integration
Started working on the implementation of the Admin area and frontend

VCTools Crypto Toolbox

-Holding off on VCBlox for now as we wait for VCAPI to come online since it will feed all our websites with all the data they need.

-Still under developer review, we now have Google architecture support and making some planning progress



Things are heating back up and getting even more exciting for those of us who have been working night and day to make this happen. We are still in process of making a major shift in several of our development teams and should be back to full speed by the next update. We are finding that marketing is being received very favorably both for VCREAL and VCDepth, once we push significant marketing budget on this, the exponential results should catapult us to the front of the line. Our funding strategy and backup plan make success extremely likely and should be able to launch this phase within the next month.

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