26.Nov.2017: Thanksgiving week update

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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26.Nov.2017: Thanksgiving week update

Post by shawn.gregg » Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:57 pm

This weeks successes were for the most part broadcast on our FB channel but here it is compiled in our weekly update.

-Last week we had an issue with VCBNB not able to post a new listing, worked with the developer and resolved the issue, the site is now fully functional. (There may be reminiscent of a code error that goes away on refresh)

-Last week we had an issue with VCREAL not able to post a new listing, worked with the developer and resolved the issue, the site is now fully functional. (Code has limitation of only serving one country as specified in the admin control panel, devs are letting me know how much to remove this filter now, shenanigans)

-Minor updates to VCP2P and services

-The business plan is ready to post and will be on the VCP2P.org site shortly however you will have to create a login to access it. In doing so, also agreeing to the terms of use (No starting a competing product for x time, no sharing with non-US citizens, if shared, must share in whole, etc.) See site for further details but that pretty much sums it up.

-Assuming we will be able to move forward with share sales, I have been working on the shareholder investment plan, it is nearly complete, I am about 5 pages in. The bylaws will be started this week using the framework used previously for HashCoop.

-Went through 16 candidates proposals on Upworks from the posting last week for coinpayment integration. I have short listed 5 devs and reached out to one who is also an Ethereum blockchain dev.

-Scheduled video conference with Google on Tuesday 28.Nov at 2pm in the afternoon.

-Created initial seed for QA framework and have QA personnel staffing the initiative now building out site test cases and testing all the functionality. This QA framework being developed is a living document that will help us ensure thorough testing of the impact of every new feature prior to migrating it to the production platform. The initial cutsheets and testing should be completed within the next two weeks for VCREAL & VCBnB. Ticket system is now in play for bug tracking from QA findings.

-Funding: Selling shares, especially selling shares of unregistered private stock that are part of an S-Corp (pass through revenue similar to receiving a dividend) the regulations may make it difficult to accept money from just anyone. Whether or not we have to use accredited investors or just well-informed investors, how much they are allowed to invest or if external funding will even be necessary. As soon as we develop a strategy to fund our operations for long term operations and are in a position to release any details related to this, we will make everyone aware.


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