5.Dec.2017 BusDev weeklyish Update: Exploring product sustainability

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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5.Dec.2017 BusDev weeklyish Update: Exploring product sustainability

Post by vcadmin » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:07 pm

My apologies for a little delay in the weekly update, it has been a little slower week this week it feels like. Here is a list of the achievements this week.

-Completed VCP2P.Org well enough to call live. I also updated the business plan and posted it on VCP2P but you have to have an account to access it so you will need to create an account. Also I need to adjust the default landing page so let me know for now if you log in and dont see an internal portal page. Will work out landing page in the near future.

-Further developed ticket system and logged an array of feature requests and bugs

-Worked closely with QA who is making great progress on test case development and results tracking.

-Have reviewed and tested an array of site templates for VCList, the one that I liked the most the company is being a little strange and apparently its very difficult to add additional locations. Still have a couple more to review.

- Nearly complete shareholder agreement draft.

-Identified issue with VCREal that it was only designed to service the country you set as local. I had to work with devs and hire them to make code adjustments to make the site world wide, I have paid them, dev in progress, should be good this week.

-Spoke with Google, I was speaking way over the guys head, he is now looking to schedule an appointment with our program manager and some architects but I am afraid this isnt the kind of help we need at the moment, we need development support.

-We still have 5 dev companies shortlisted with leaning towards Ukrainian companies. I have now reached out to coinpayments.com to see if they can recommend any dev's for site integration and as well I am going to allow the original devs to take a crack at giving me a bid. Whats outstanding from me at this point is to come up with a laundry list of locations and information/interfaces I want where on the web sites to make them VC'afied and VC payment integrated in an appropriate and easy to use fashion.

-Finally was able to get 30 minutes with the securities attorney, bullet point highlights below.
  • Overall it is just best we look at using an SEC approved portal site if we choose to crowd fund.
    • Attorney is able to help us with any filing needs in any method we may approach including the ability to handle ICO's.
    • S-Corp may not be the best idea as it initially limits our ability to pull investment dollars should we need it though it saves its owners from double taxation./list]

      -Currently temporarily fostering a Saga/Humane society dog and she has been a bit of a handful getting her settled in so that probably took away a little bit from progress this week.

      This next weeks focus
      -This next week is going to be about filing for the company LLC or S-Corp or C-Corp
      -Resolve VCP2P landing page and promote site awareness to potential investors.
      -Get VCList initial server/build online.

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