30.January Update: Things are heating up

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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30.January Update: Things are heating up

Post by shawn.gregg » Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:22 pm

First my apologies for the delay in updates here and minimal updates on the FB page. I was out of town for the holidays but began getting active again at the turn of the year, we have a lot going on now.

VCReal Dev update:

VCREAL is having major development work done now and should wrap up within the next two weeks or so to include some of the following

-Virtual Currency flavoring with prices displayed in fiat & an option of an array of crypto
-Coinpayments gateway integration (Complete)
-Ability to accept backup offers on listing
-Ability to make offers online
-Ability to counter offer
-Paypal or USDT escrow
-Ability to submit and manage backup offers
-Contract tracking
-A few other small things

Welcome Ryan Purdy and Alex Menendez to the team

We have two new active additions to the team, they have full time jobs and family but still finding time to invest in the company from technical hands on to business development, these guys have really hit the ground running and have been huge in helping the projects move forward. We havent worked out all the details yet but you can anticipate that these two guys will be officers of the company, on the board of directors and hands on.

Anyone else who is willing to commit some time and effort to the cause and believe you can add value, please reach out -> admin at vcp2p.org


VCP2P Hardening

Ryan and Alex teamed up and attacked with penetration and vulnerability testing system wide on all of our sites & servers following an array of remediation and patching. Our infrastructure is much more secure now thanks to these guys efforts.


VCPulse.io development

We lightly touched upon VCPulse in the updated business plan and on the FB group. Our intention was to start deving VCPulse as soon as we have funding. We havent gone in detail about this suite of tools/services due to the sensitive nature of the information. We will be first to market on all fronts and have some great feature sets and future enhancements coming after the initial build. We are building the VC brand extensively, VCPulse services will be high traffic sites and represent great marketing capital potential early on. We have fleshed out the details of all the sites and have an array of milestones outlined for 3 sites, a widget and an app on all 3 mobile platforms. We have engaged a strong American based development team at least for the initial build, we are under NDA now and have had an array of communications including our first conference call today. We will know more details soon and hope to get development underway within the next 2 weeks. Using a credible American dev company represents some fairly significant increase in costs but still well within the budget we allotted in funding. We are shooting for a 90 day delivery of our core functionality across all three platforms. These suites of sites (also rolled up into a single app) are really exciting. If you are looking to invest and you are a trusted confidant of myself, Alex or Ryan, feel free to reach out for a phone call to talk about what these sites are about.



My intention was to get VCBnB & VCREAL online and then look for funding after people could touch and feel things. After funding, we would then start VCPulse dev. We have collectively decided we cannot afford to wait on VCPulse dev and are proceeding now. I have been shelling out all the up front costs and will do the same here although this is a significant amount of money that I will be looking to re-coupe on funding as an expense and this expedites my interest in pursuing official funding. You can expect to see more development on the initial private equity offering soon.



We now have an active slack channel that we are using internally to collaborate. VCP2P, invite only.


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