6.Feb.2018: General development update

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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6.Feb.2018: General development update

Post by shawn.gregg » Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:21 pm

Things are still maintaining momentum. Here are an array of updates since the last update.


-We now have a new mail server setup for our p2p market place, we have a cert and are providing relay for all of our marketplace servers. We are using SendGrid as an SMTP facilitator. We will be having a mail server setup for VCServices soon.

-Dev's are still working this now actively. They have engaged to clarify a few things, we should see an initial beta release within the next couple of weeks. This is almost a month behind schedule but otherwise on track for delivery.

-Alex has taken over managing the dev team on this one, we still havent pulled the trigger on the initial dev work still finalizing costs based on requirements and timelines. We anticipate having dev work to integrate virtual currency framework into the current build to start within the next week.

VCPulse (Product of VCServices.Group a division of VCP2P MarketPlace Inc):
-We worked with an American team but what we found is that in order to have all 3 sites developed in parallel for a fast market delivery, the costs were going to be prohibitively expensive

-We have since elected to farm out the work to 3 separate and reputable overseas freelance development companies. By using reputable companies (having performed 6 figures or more of recorded and satisfied work via upworks and similar platforms) and breaking up the contracts, we will minimize risk of impact from a single bad actor.

-We have established a VCServices server farm separate from the VCP2P MarketPlace server farm. We have built out the following VCServices servers:
-Reverse proxy front end
-VCTrack App server
-Polling machine for API data collection
-MYSQL database
-Mail server (Coming soon)

VCTrack (A component of VCPulse):
-We have completed a discovery document complete with mock up graphics of what the site will look like and general functionality requirements.
-We have created a presence on UpWorks and posted an RFP
-We are in works now with a fantastic Ukrainian development team that has a great reputation and clean work. We are ironing out one last piece and should be awarding the dev work this week with development kicking off this week and a delivery of 30-45 days.
-Will provide details of the development company after award

VCDepth (A component of VCPulse):
-The initial discovery document is just wrapping up
-We have already identified an extremely strong and reputable Russian team for this work.
-We expect final bid and award by next week
-Will provide details of the development company after award

VCHealth (A component of VCPulse):
-We are still a week our from the initial discovery being ready



Our new approach has us managing at least 5 separate development teams and bringing all 5 services online within the next 45-60 days. Because of the route we are taking, we are able to wait to seek funding until we have tangible products across the board. If things go well we may use the funds for these efforts to provide seed money for the collaborative blockchain platform that will be providing the enhanced services for the marketplace.

We have turned up a project management portal on our internal services group and are using it now for project and dev tracking. Still in the process of populating it but a really nice PM site as far as online PM goes.

A little bit of some changes on the current officer roles. I will be giving up the CTO role and will be taking on the role of Chief Business Development Officer(CBDO), Ryan will be taking the CTO role and Alex is picking up CEO.



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