13.Feb.2018: General development update

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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13.Feb.2018: General development update

Post by shawn.gregg » Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:29 pm

Its like each week is just getting more and more exciting with more and more momentum behind it

-VCProject management and devtracker portal is starting to get pretty populated now, there are a lot of moving parts
-We have two more strong candidates to help us make the magic happen, both with a lot to offer. As soon as they are sure they have the time to invest and we find the right role for them, we will announce the new members of the team.
-SSO is coming! Ryan has been working on our SSO solution to tie in a variety of our back office solutions to a single login. It has been a hassle managing 5 different accounts, we all look forward to this coming online.
-VCFreeLance is back on the table, we will launch with 6 sites total now.

-Dev's are still working this now actively. They have engaged to clarify a few things, we should see an initial beta release within the next couple of weeks, recently with coingateway payment system integration into the interworkings of the site, we are still working through these details.
-Ryan has taken the reigns on VCREAL and is going to be managing this project until his role is too consuming or we have dedicated resource adequate to take on the role under the CSDO.

-After having a conference call with the devs and some subsequent dialogue, we are revising our approach. We were not developing Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) when this dev solicitation started so our requirements left a lot to the imagination and in some scenarios its best not to try to remove as much doubt as possible.
-The screen mockups are done and the SRS is nearly completed, the devs should have this within the next 24 hours.
-We still anticipate having VCBnB dev work firing off this week.

-We are researching base code

VCPulse (Product of VCServices.Group a division of VCP2P MarketPlace Inc):
-We have now built out the following servers since last update
--VCDepth dedicated app server
--VCDepth Exchange polling server
--VCServices.Group Mail server
--We have Deployed a Google SQL cluster node for VCServices servers to accommodate heavy volume
----SQL Proxy agent installed on the app and polling servers

VCTrack (A component of VCPulse):
-We have awarded the VCTrack contract to Qedum, a small to medium sized Ukrainian Dev team.
-Development has started
-We are only starting with Etherscan.io and Omni explorers to begin with as they have open API access.
-We will likely build out our own farm of block explorers.
-Site should be online and functional within the next 45 days
-Devs are very active and engaged pinging us for desired formulas, additional UI guidance, etc.

VCDepth (A component of VCPulse):
-Completed the Software Requirements Specifications
-Listed the Request for Proposal on Upwork
-Engaged with a medium to large, reputable Russian development team we had eyed from our last bids
-Already have ballpark quote and a 30 day delivery, just finalizing details
-We expect final bid and award in the next couple of days
-Will provide details of the development company after award

VCHealth (A component of VCPulse):
-The SRS is under development now



We currently have 2 complete dev teams under contract and working on 2 of the 6 sites with two more lined up to be under contract this week. We are now looking to manage 6 separate development teams simultaneously, all teams fully staffed to meet the extremely aggressive delivery dates of which we still look good to launch the beta for all 6 sites within the next two months. For the most part we are still a small enough team with most members being part time that we are sharing all of the work between us and trying to prioritize and cycle the efforts. The team is really working well together and we are all making progress as evident by the recent status updates. We still could use some help, if you are interested in ownership more than a fat paycheck at the moment and have some level of talent and time to offer, reach out to shawn(dot)gregg@vcp2p(dot)org.



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