10.June.2018: Full Court Press

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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10.June.2018: Full Court Press

Post by shawn.gregg » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:08 am


-We have a new PdM heading up the VCREAL platform, we are now 10 strong. Kliftin Snyder is taking on the role jumping in head first and already bringing exciting innovations to the platform.
-We have generated LOI’s for the current staff
-We still need a Software Delivery Manager and Product delivery Managers for an array of products. If you have strengths in crypto, software architecture and engineering or banner/ad networks and interested in getting in on the ground floor and think you might be a good fit, reach out to hr@vantagecrypto.com

-Setting up accounting and payroll solutions
-Expense reporting procedures established

-Currently working on a array of initiatives to polish our presentation from the business plan to our website and more
-Additional graphics and branding generated to prepare some of our new sites and services
-Developing marketing for the VCMiner line
-Our limited test marketing initiatives yeilded a 10-30% conversion rate, we anticipate successful marketing campaigns once we turn up our marketing initiative.

-The Hydra Project is now online and operational in our development environment. This component of our infrastructure allows us to have a dynamic self healing global presence for performing our data collection operations.
-The Hydra project is set to go live in production next week
-We have started working with Kubernetes and server-less architecture. There is a reason this stuff is all the rage, very flexible and capable low maintenance solution.
-Wallet infrastructure has proven stable under stress, now initiating efforts to containerize it
-We now have time-line and table captures of all of our software development roadmaps. Seeing them all together really shows what a huge undertaking this is.

VCP2P MarketPlace:
We have now found a great new Ukrainian development team for the VCP2P line. The new team is 45 strong and fully understand the vision and the hurdles in front of us. Our current approach for the VCP2P sites is as follow:

--Develop new contract/booking management framework and integrate with existing interface
--Integrate payment gateways to the new contract/booking management systems
--Develop entirely new UI/UX and give all the sites a face-lift of which also synchronizes them to our branding.

-We now have two sample properties listed in the top 10 cities of 16 countries in order to provide the users with a user experience when they search the site
-We have awarded the contract and the code is now currently being dissected and analyzed
--We are have FB and Google login integration included in the current contract
-We are nearly complete with compiling, updating and creating new mockups and webflows for the new offer & contract management system
-We have started working on planning our P2P unified UI/UX, this will be ongoing for some months but it will bring unity to our sites and differentiate us from competitors while still providing users with a familiar interface.

-With the new direction of the VCP2P line, we are focused on generating the booking management module software requirement specifications
-This next week our new devs will start analyzing the existing code

-Initial SRS framework has been generated. The new approach for the VCP2P line also affects the direction that product development will take for this product. This product will require additional SRS framework for initial cryptofication

VCPulse Market Analytics:

-The new contract has been awarded to our strongest dev team. Unfortunately due to issues with the previous dev’s code, we are having to start from scratch again on this product.
-The new Alpha will be ready in less than two months
-We know the quality this development team produces, we will have a stable and competitive product in short time

-We have implemented support for Japanese
-We will be implementing support for Korean over the next week
-We have now put VCDepth 1.1a under contract. This release primarily focuses on
–-Cleaning up and making the current interface more useful
--Implementing a fault tolerant, auto load balancing, pinning capable poller platform that will allow us to scale compute endlessly for our pollers while also enabling us to better troubleshoot and service existing pollers.
--Adding an additional 8 exchanges which will bring us to 21 of the worlds largest exchanges

-The alpha is online and we are testing it now, the developers are still working out bugs. The first release is looking good to wrap up this month. This version is not spectacular and doesnt paint the vision at all yet but it has established our wallet farm and wallet poller infrastructure and it does have a few nice features/ interesting data-sets.

VCTools Crypto Toolbox

-Holding off on VCBlox for now as we wait for VCAPI to come online since it will feed all our websites with all the data they need.

-Still under developer review, we now have Google architecture support and making some planning progress

VCNodes is a suite of physical hardware solutions with custom software. Our focus for early delivery is VCMiner, a multi-network enterprise storage mining solution.

-Developed prototype BOM for the Monolith 10 & Monolith 20 pods for home and small office
-In process of working prototype BOM for the rack mount high density enterprise solution


Things have never been more exciting here @ VantageCrypto. Our own team continues to expand, we now have the strongest groups of developers we have had yet and we are working more simultaneous development initiatives then we ever have previously. We have a complete UI/UX face-lift underway for the VCP2P line, we are building infinitely scalable infrastructure for our VCPulse product line of which development across the whole product line is explosive at the moment. Overall market sampling has shown we are likely to have very successful marketing campaigns. We are starting to bring life to VCMiner in a prep to go full scale on this initiative. We are working on ways to ensure we can bring everyone on full time and launch our additional product lines as soon as possible and we believe we will likely find resolve to these areas over the next 4-6 weeks.

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