1.July.2018: Business as usual

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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1.July.2018: Business as usual

Post by shawn.gregg » Sun Jul 01, 2018 11:41 am


-We now have our current staff under Letters of Intent
-We still need a Software Delivery Manager and Product delivery Managers for an array of products. If you have strengths in crypto, software architecture and engineering or banner/ad networks and interested in getting in on the ground floor and think you might be a good fit, reach out to hr@vantagecrypto.com

-Filed & acquired SEC approved for Regulation D filing

-We have completely redone our website to make it more presentable. Its still needs a little work, especially on mobile but much better than previously. Go check it out, https://vantagecrypto.com
-Additional graphics and branding generated to prepare some of our new sites and services

-The Hydra project is live now. We are having some of the way our stack communicates reprogrammed to better take advantage of this facility now.
-We have started working with Kubernetes and server-less architecture and now have our development platform for VCDepth coming online serverless, giving us an opportunity to test the technology before full deployment.
-The Ethereum wallet was rebuilt and it has taken almost a week to sync on the Ethereum network. We are working ways to better recover form rebuilds while also adding redundancy in some cases.
-We have started working the implementation of our external ticket/ customer support & incident management infrastructure.

VCP2P MarketPlace:

-Facebook and google login integration is nearly complete
-The new dev team has broken down libraries and requirements, sucked our source into GIT and has started analyzing in prep for integration of the new offer and contract management framework.
-After much back and forth on the framework for transaction management across our entire VCP2P platform, we now have some great models and mockups and are really excited for the new UI/UX we are bringing to the site for both desktop and mobile.
-SRS for Offer & contract management framework is in progress and should be in the developers hands this week.

-Provided code to the developers for initial evaluation

-Multi-path SRS’s development under development

VCPulse Market Analytics:

-As mentioned previously, we have changed devs and elected to migrate away from NodeJS and the new devs are aggressively making headway.
-Development update:
- login/signup forms
- registration through social networks
Admin area pages:
- coins page
- dashboard page
- users page
- started working on the Etherscan.io integration

-We are currently developing and deploying release 1.1a, there were no CI releases this week.
Development update
- Added Support Additional currencies
- Mobile view


-The initial alpha is online and there are still an array of bugs, the developers are working on resolves now.

VCTools Crypto Toolbox

-On hold

-under development


-In process of developing product line



Development is in full swing with a small army of developers coding away. Our efforts are still primarily focused on continuing to develop guidance for our short term software development goals. We are working a few things on the finance side that we cant share yet but will once we are ready to execute our strategy. In general this is a business as usual update.

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