5.August.2018: We are back on VCTrack

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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5.August.2018: We are back on VCTrack

Post by shawn.gregg » Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:34 am


-We now have an official user agreement, privacy & cookie statement and will be linking on all the sites soon.
-We still need a Software Delivery Manager and Product delivery Managers for an array of products including our VCPulse product line. If you have strengths in crypto, software architecture and engineering or banner/ad networks and interested in getting in on the ground floor and think you might be a good fit, reach out to hr@vantagecrypto.com

-Working with attorney for document production
--Expecting official bylaws and contractor agreements this week

-Wrapping up marketing materials for overarching business (Pitchdeck, Business Plan, Etc)
-Compiling and documenting graphic design and social media marketing guidelines

-We have fired up our own internal repository and patch management solution which we will be rolling out to all the servers over the next few weeks
-We have had challenges pulling a full Ethereum sync and have been running on a fast-sync for a while now. We are working to implement critical wallet redundancy to reduce risk in the future

VCP2P MarketPlace:
-Facebook and google login integration is ready for deployment but has not been deployed by the dev's yet, we anticipate deployment early next week.
-Developers are still working up sprints and planning for offer and contract management framework
-We already have an array of new features lined up for the next release of the offer and contract management framework
-Continuing to develop overall UI/UX for the rest of the site.

-With the Offer and Contract Management interface nearly completed on VCREAL, we are starting to look at the adaptation for VCStay.

-Multi-path SRS’s development under development
-Have been performing market analysis, querying those who use other freelance platforms and identifying ways to address common annoyances.
-Now focusing on the Cryptofication of the current site

VCPulse Market Analytics:

-Release 1.1 has been fully released, there were a few bugs of which all but two have been worked out, dev's should have the last two issues knocked out early next week.
-We now have the following exchanges integrated and working
-We have completed the SRS for VCTrack 1.2 and the dev's will start coding on it next week. We were concerned we wouldn't catch up with the competition until the end of the year because of the competition in this market has picked up and because our first dev caused us to lose 2-3 months, we had restarted from scratch. Turns out by this next release we will likely be one of the best sites available for this service. Here are a few features coming in the next release.
--Support for over 100+ different wallets
--Receive transaction notification via WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Skype or Telegram
--Great graphs and charts showing distribution of holdings by type, location, etc
--Array of common sense features such as pagination and searches
--Abilty to share you your tracker anonymously, ability to control what you share including the ability to hide or group parts of your portfolio you want to share
--100% support for new coins found on exchanges (Currently only coins we have configured will show

-We dropped in a few more small features such as sorting exchanges by "buy volume" under the coin details page and adding the market tracker to the hover over flag on the coindepth pages as well.
-Currently polling:
We are still adding coins

-Go check out the site, https://vcdepth.io

-We are now focusing on bug fix of the last release and the development of the SRS for the next release. This is an extremely complicated product and as a result we dont anticipate the requirements wont be ready for the next release for another 2-3 weeks. The next release will really make it easy to see where VCHealth is going as its current state its hard to see the big picture.

VCTools Crypto Toolbox

-We are again explorering firing off this project early, we are also considering making this one a completely opensource project and starting with a solid fork. The developers are reviewing the code now to see if the code we are looking to fork is supportable.

-Performing additional R&D


-In process of developing product specifications


VCTrack is the larger success story this round with us catapulting to the head of the competiion on this next release despite us having to start all over recently. We are making progress in the VCP2P product line after some stagnation and we may launch part of VCTools early. Business wise we are positioning ourselves to move into the next phase as we have established a great working product line with some of the products nearing Beta readiness. We anticipate things will be heating up even more over the next couple of months, keep coming back for updates, we should have some great ones coming soon.

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