18.Sept.2018: The days leading up to phase 2

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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18.Sept.2018: The days leading up to phase 2

Post by shawn.gregg » Tue Sep 18, 2018 6:08 pm


-We anticipate working our financial vehicle and full product launch in the very near future, more details to come
-We still need a Software Delivery Manager and Product delivery Managers for an array of products including our VCPulse product line. If you have strengths in crypto, software architecture and engineering or banner/ad networks and interested in getting in on the ground floor and think you might be a good fit, reach out to hr@vantagecrypto.com

-Contractor agreements & RSPA completed and signed
-Working with attorneys for additional documentation
-The American banking industry is very non-accommodating to corporations in the crypto space. Banks will only provide accounts for an entity if it is an individual or pass-through business entity where a specific person can be held liable. Almost all American banks refuse to open an account for a corporation that does business in the crypto space.
--- Wells Fargo closed our account with almost no reason outside of our association to crypto
--- Every major banks under-writing department refused to accept a corporate account for a crypto company
--- Any of the many credit-unions we solicited of who supported corporate accounts also refused to open an account for any corporation associated to the crypto industry
--- Using a top down approach through our direct business associations, we were able to find a reputable bank to open an account and support our banking needs given full disclosure
--- We will continue to work to open up additional bank accounts for risk management purposes

-Wrapping up marketing materials for overarching business (Pitchdeck, Business Plan, Etc)
-Compiling and documenting graphic design and social media marketing guidelines

-Splunk enterprise log management solution has been implemented and is collecting logs
-Have introduced first (in house) application connector virtual appliances to our polling system, separating arbitrary calculations from the global polling load for the purposes of
---Increasing the complexity of the data our sites can provide in real time
---Increasing polling scalability

VCPulse Market Analytics:

-VCTrack portfolio sharing is now online and despite being a better portfolio sharing tool than all of our competition, we still have another couple rounds of great functionality we will be adding to this feature to leave our competition in the dust.
-VCTrack 1.2 release is complete with the exception of additional messaging feature subset
--Go check out our very usable site, it looks great and the new anonymous portfolio sharing should be online soonhttps://vctrack.io

-We have added a bunch more coins/markets
-Currently polling:
COINS 1017
We are still adding coins
-Go check out the site, https://vcdepth.io

-We have completed the software requirements specifications and we are super excited for this release.
---We bring a high level of practical and relevant gauge to crypto, no longer will blanket marketcap ranking be adequate measure of crypto
---We have numerous first to market features coming out on this release
---Our product path is solid and there is not another service even close to the offering anything like where we are taking this product
-Development team has already made first week stride on development, nothing on user front end this week but expect to see this site take shape over the next 6 weeks!

VCP2P MarketPlace:

-The development of the advanced Offer & Contract Management framework is now underway, social integration and basic data structure E&I have been completed
-Continuing to develop overall UI/UX for the rest of the site we have made some excellent progress in our layouts and functionality for our new site
-We anticipate having the requirements for the new site ready by the time the offer and contract management framework is complete.

-With the Offer and Contract Management interface nearly completed on VCREAL, we are starting to look at the adaptation for VCStay.

-Multi-path SRS’s development under development
-Have expanded the product offerings with some exciting new features that makes this platform potentially disruptive to mainstream freelance sites, more to come.
-Now focusing on the Cryptofication of the current site

VCTools Crypto Toolbox

-We are again exploring firing off this project early, we are also considering making this one a completely open-source project and starting with a solid fork.

-Early R&D product development

VCTrack is shaping up as it already offers more than many of our competitors after only two releases. VCHealth second release is now underway and this release is what really shapes the site, provides value and helps paint the picture of where we are taking this amazing product. VCREAL is now being coded by our best developers and we are quickly advancing its development. We have assembled a mountain of marketing materials and are finalizing some last bit of paperwork before we look to start moving to phase two of the business which will double our product lines and bring all our people on full time. Keep posted on our progress here and on our sites as we drop CI updates.

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