12.Nov.2018: Product line restructuring

Will start using this to capture regular updates to the sites, the business plan and the business as a whole. This forum is currently a publicly visible forum for those who choose to follow our development.
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12.Nov.2018: Product line restructuring

Post by shawn.gregg » Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:19 pm


-We have recently been pitching to Venture Capitalists and angel investors and what while many were excited, there were also an array of inputs provided that has helped guide us towards restructuring our product line and offerings. An outline of some of the updates are as follows.

+VantageCrypto will focus on the Pulse product line first along with VCBlox from VCTools subset.

+Other VantageCrypto sites and services will either break off on their own or will be delayed until next round funding or as appropriate based on market conditions, company positioning, funding success and on hand capital.

+VCREAL will no longer be a crypto site that does real-estate but rather a next generation real-estate site that will also do crypto. We will focus on automating the real-estate transaction industry with focus on the concept of offer to close transaction management. Of course we will still handle crypto transactions but the site will distance itself from VantageCrypto with its own (non-crypto) name, registration and filings.

-We still need a Software Delivery Manager and a VCPulse Product Manager. If you have strengths in crypto, software architecture and engineering and interested in getting in on the ground floor and think you might be a good fit, reach out to hr@vantagecrypto.com

-All filing documentation has been completed by our securities attorney though we anticipate updates based on our investors. We will be using this paperwork slightly modified to handle our “VCREAL” offering as well.

-Wrapping up new marketing materials for compartmentalized and phased business model (Pitchdeck, Business Plan, Etc)
-Working on new marketing materials for VCREAL spin-off

-General refinement of our polling infrastructure
-Upgrades of our MySQL infrastructure to handle increased load, we are now operating at ~30% load
--We are now pushing just short of 12,000 Queries Per Second, thats almost double of where we were 3 months ago.
-Though we will likely outsource our support to someone like ZenDesk, in the interim we are supporting this ourselves until funded. We now have email support and our incident management site is online → https://vantagecrypto.com/tickets/open.php

VCPulse Market Analytics:

-We have a couple small updates planned for this site in the near future but will not move forward with our next major release until we are funded. We have some great features in the pipeline.
-Go check out our very usable site, https://vctrack.io

-We have made an array of optimization updates for coin listings and chart display, our site now loads much faster and charts are much more responsive, this is near production quality now.
-Currently polling:
COINS ~1000
We recently pulled dead coins and will be adding another 100-300 coins in the near future.
-Go check out the site, https://vcdepth.io

-We have been releasing CI deployments weekly for about 6 weeks now and still deploying code and working QA findings
-This is only the second release but it is really coming together, you can clearly see where we are taking this now and the value it will have in the community.
-Go see what we have done so far @ https://vchealth.io Be sure to check out the various tabs/sections. The trading tab is making great progress. Look for continued updates over the next few weeks.

VCP2P MarketPlace:

-The development of the advanced Offer & Contract Management framework is almost done and looking fantastic, no one else has anything like this, we will be first to market.
-Continuing to develop overall UI/UX for the rest of the site we have made some excellent progress in our layouts and functionality for our new site. The current specifications are about 70% complete and nearly ready to start development.
-We anticipate having the requirements for the new site ready by the time the offer and contract management framework is complete.
-This product will be breaking off from the VantageCrypto offering, we will post an update with the new name, site and details in the near future.

-Product wll not be further developed or released this year, will revisit on next round of funding

-Product wll not be further developed or released this year, will revisit on next round of funding

VCTools Crypto Toolbox

-Requirements are more than 50% ready, we will fire this up once we are funded.

- Outside of internal use development, product will not be further developed or released this year, will revisit on next round of funding

After an array of input from private equity and entrepreneurial advisors, we are making major changes in the composure of our companies product lines and offerings. VantageCrypto will spend the next year focused on Market & Blockchain analytics as well as portfolio management. VCHealth is shaping up, this is only its second release and its path has become evident and first to market analytics are already online. VCREAL is changing names and becoming its own company, the offer and contract management framework is nearly complete and the base code alpha release for everything should be online Jan.2019. We are wrapping up segregating and updating all of our marketing materials for the new structure and will have VantageCrypto marketing materials ready to move forward again this week. We anticipate funding before year end, keep posted on our progress here and on our sites as we drop CI updates.

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