Release Notes: VCTrack 1.0 – Initial Release#2: (July.2018)

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Release Notes: VCTrack 1.0 – Initial Release#2: (July.2018)

Post by shawn.gregg » Fri Dec 14, 2018 6:56 pm

Release Notes: VCTrack 1.0 & 1.0a – Initial Release#2: (July.2018)

-Landing Page with local login or social login integration

--Display Total Holdings
--Top Gainer / last 24hr
--Top Loser / last 24hr
--Last Transaction - Coin & date
--New Transactions notification
--Currently authenticated user
--Currency & Language selector
--LogOut button

-Sub Header
--Add wallet interface

Front Page
-Table data
--Price (Can we pull this from
--Last Transaction
--Alert Type
--Alert type for all holdings - none, email, site
-Total holdings value shown
-Historical combined holdings charting

Coin Holdings Page
-Table data
--# (Unique ID tied to each wallet address / primary key)
--wallet addresses
--Last Transaction (As recorded by our blockchain explorer poller)
--Alert type (Here each wallet can have its own alert method)

Poller System
-Created simple poller system and data-monitoring sub-system

Admin Backend
-Initial admin configurations, controls and reporting

Block explorer integration
--------------------------------- (With token support)

Exchange integration

-Notifications provide link to the transaction on the chain on primary integrated block explorer for that coin

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