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Our Products & Services

Vantage Signals

Advanced market data: Analyze order books, order flow and social sentiment like never before
Industry integrated receive or send alerts to and from most any platform in the industry
Deep Analytics Analyze millions of algorithms in the click of a button

NO CODING REQUIRED Focus on financial analysis without having to learn to code. Users don’t need to script anything to use our platform, we provide advanced features with an intuitive GUI.

  • Beta online now
  • Manage all of your trading groups from here
  • Integrated with Email, Telegram, Discord or Twitter
  • Alert to almost any automated trading platforms
  • Receive alerts from almost any alerting platform
  • Community analytics | p2p, public & team
  • Adaptive Algorithms change with the market
  • Brute force algorythim back-testing
  • Decentralized "Compute on demand"
  • Advanced market and social metrics
  • Monetize on a global marketplace | CLICK ME
  • First of its kind "Crowd Signaling"
  • Click here for architecture overview

Modular API Data Services

Modular API data system providing advanced market metrics The only provider with multi-depth order books, differenciated volume order flow and social sentiment.

We offer a first of its kind Modular API data subscription service. We enable our API users to choose what data they want, how they want it and how much of it they want.

The order book and order flow data we collect is non-persistent. This data is not available from most exchanges after it is collected, this data is hard to find. We also put social sentiment metrics in the price range of the average consumer.

  • Build your own api subscription interface
  • Pre-canned and discounted plans available
  • Up to 1 month of data in a single API call
  • Order book candles with 5 depths per candle
  • VBS candles with volume, buys, sells & institutions
  • Social candles with Twitter, Reddit and sentiment
  • Screener calls with >300 assets in a single API call
  • Assets by exchange, globally, regionally
  • Sector Indices
  • Market Dominance data
  • 1m, 5m, 15m, 1h, 4h & 1day candles
  • Advanced Order Flow Data
  • Advanced Order Books Data
  • Social Sentiment Trending
  • Transparent pricing
  • ~85% less expensive than the competition

Advanced Digital-Asset Screener for innovative traders and API customers Most Crypto screeners focus on market capitalization data but we focus more on everything else. We put emphasis on order book and order flow data and collect a lot of data that is not available again after being published

Our Screener is an advanced screener like what you might find from a service such as Messari but with a price like what you find with Coinmarketcap, FREE.

Our CoinMarketFlow (CMF) screener provides a portal view into our metrics for our API users, Signals users, advanced traders and crypto enthusiasts.

  • Assets by exchange, globally or regionally
  • Historic orderbooks with 5 market depths
  • Advanced Order Flow Data (Executed Order data)
  • Twitter and reddit metrics on select assets
  • Sector Indices
  • Crypto news from leading outlets
  • Only Trading Grade exchanges and assets
  • Field chooser with Over 50 drag and drop fields
  • Dynamic data calculation for advanced filtering
  • Simple charts with a lot of overlays
  • TradingView Charts coming soon
  • Market capitalization data
  • Large Order Alerts
  • Global market dominace analytics
  • Free to use!

Frequently Ask Questions

VantageCrypto FAQ’s

VantageCrypto FAQ’s

Common answers and questions about our site.

Crypto FAQ’s

Crypto FAQ’s

Common questions and answers regarding crypto assets and blockchain.

Technical Analysis FAQ’s

Technical Analysis FAQ’s

An array of content covering TA related to metrics found on our site.

We are empowering traders, analysts and crypto forensics specialists with some of the most advanced, comprehensive and modern data-sets available on the market today. There aren’t a lot of sources for this data and of course our signature metrics can only be found here. We are expanding the scope of technical analysis through advanced crypto-market metrics and deep-learning analytics!

As innovators, we dont have a lot of competition. Alot of our metrics are hard to find and if you do find them elsewhere, they aren't likely already integrated with an advanced market analytics and signaling platform. But its more than just our data, this is a platform built by traders for traders with intense and innovative feature sets that you cant find anywhere else on the Internet. Dont take our word for it, come see for yourself.

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