Updated June,2018

VCHealth, Conjecture-free crypto health metrics & analysis

For years the market has considered the best coin based 100% on market cap. The crypto sites and services that offer broad market tracking do so by grouping and comparing all coins by the same metrics regardless of intent. Most of the crypto sites providing metrics online now fail to provide truly relevant information for the audience the are targeting.

VCHealth is not like any other site on the market, it is significantly more comprehensive and empowering than any other single site. There are two fundamental components of of the site which are

-Present categorized data with relevant metrics
-Rate coins based on the users/websites own metric threshold controls

“Present categorized data with relevant metrics”: We have different metrics for different purposes. For example here are a couple of the many health categories we are working to deliver to our users.

  • Current transaction health
    • Transaction time
    • Depth of mempool (If exists)
    • Transaction fee
    • Volatility of price
  • Storage Network Health
    • Storage space online
    • Storage space under contract
    • Storage costs
    • Contract profitability
    • Network read/write speeds

User specified metric thresholds, what does that even mean? Too many sites are manipulative and full of conjecture telling people what is great and what is not, many times with little to no actual factual data. Furthermore a website may use the same crypto differently and thus have different values when gauging the health of an asset. The health status of any coin for any purpose can be rated and provided a red light, yellow light or green light along with a score. We enable users in two ways.

Site Widget: A website admin can implement red/yellow/green lights next to their crypto’s and they can adjust the metrics themselves so the coin reflects a health consistent to the sites usage.

User Controls: Users will be able to specify what is important to them in gauging the value of any given coin for its purpose. Users will be able to set alerts based on their own criteria while sharing their rating system with their friends or social media.

The site is currently wrapping up its first Alpha which was 100% focused on backend wallet/node integration with little focus to the UI/UX yet. The next release adds tabs, categorizes metrics and really brings the site to life.