Updated June,2018

VCMiner, Multi-network Enterprise Storage miners

In 2016 studies showed that 90% of all the data online was created in the previous two years. Predictions put the cloud storage market growth from a $30Billion a year industry in 2017 to a $90Billion a year industry by 2022. The worlds data needs are growing exponential, the online storage market will continue to be explosive as populations grow and technologies evolve, this is a very hot market with a never ending demand.

Why decentralized storage when you can use online services now for keeping your data? There are an array of reasons that decentralized storage provides advantages over traditional online storage.

  • Privacy can be absolute when you are the only holder of the private key
  • Redundancy can be built in, your important data could be copied in 4 copies in 4 regions of the world for a fraction of what it would cost for such redundancy in traditional storage networks
  • Inherent Content Distribution Network delivering content from the nearest seeds for more responsive data, dynamically
  • Inherently provide DDOS protection as the data for a web site exists across 100’s or 1000’s of clients and is constantly moving around
  • Greater throughput can be achieved through P2P services where a download could be spontaneously sourced from as many seeds as necessary to support blazing fast speeds

We continue to work the R&D on the product line and will release more information once we are closer to being ready to take orders.