Updated June,2018

VCREAL, Real Estate & Land for crypto

A global P2P real estate marketplace that provides online solutions for offer submissions, contract management, and crypto settlements by offering contract-based brokered services to private owners, independent realtors, and real estate agencies alike.

For decades most sectors have moved to bring their processes online as technology has progressed. Real-Estate still performs transactions nearly the same way they have for the last 20+ years. VCREAL brings renovation to the real-estate transaction process. By modernizing the transaction process we are able to significantly empower FSBO and independent realtors.

VCREAL offers the ability to submit an offer online by an individual or realtor on behalf of an individual and manage the process up to closing. While we support crypto-currency for all applications in our marketplaces, we also support all the traditional financial mechanisms such as allowing users to choose from traditional integrated escrow platforms. We are working to bring the closing process online eventually. Our platform supports an array of languages, currencies and virtual currencies providing a truly International platform.

Eventual decentralization will happen in pieces and will provide options for an array of integral features. While some decentralization will come in the form of integrated blockchain services, others will come from the creation of such things as Decentralized Autonomous Realtor Organizations, truly enabling the independent realtor. Some examples of planned integrated Blockchain Solutions and options are as follows.

  • Blockchain loan services for lien management
    • User option of EthLend, Salt, etc

  • Storage/CDN of user listing content
    • User option of SIA, STORJ and others

  • BlockChain smart contracts for escrow management
    • User option of ETH, NEO, EOS, etx

  • Blockchain Title management
    • User options of Ubiquity, Propy, etc

We are currently rebuilding our offer & contract management gateway along with the integrated checkout system. After implementing this new framework on our existing site, we have a massive release in the works which will completely change the face of the site while uniting all of our VCP2P sites under a common theme. We are presenting a new way of doing business in a new way. Keep an eye on our Facebook and twitter feeds for updates.