Updated Aug,2018

VCTrack, Wealth management for crypto

When we started this initiative there was no other sites that offerred services like these other than a single pay for subscription service, now the market has numerous similar platforms. Most of the platforms online now are either pay-for service or only available on mobile app stores.

VCTrack will offer an array of wallet and exchange funds tracking with a long list of services to provide a one stop shop holistic portfolio manager. Below are a few of the features we are integrating in our early releases.

  • Configurable anonymous portfolio/tracker sharing
  • Integration of of the larger/popular exchanges
  • User Crypto statements
  • Gains/loss tracking
  • Transaction notifications/alerts
  • Traditional market tracking (Stocks)
  • Commodities tracking
  • Asset verification for accrediting investors
  • Available on desktop and mobile app
  • Funds verification
  • Free to use

In only two months time of starting our new codebase, we already had a product nearing the top of the competition in crypto-asset wealth management & monitoring. We dont just provide the services others have, we provide no-nonsense presentation of information and are breaking the mold with new enhancements to old features making them more useful while integrating large numbers of offline wallets and exchanges for broad market support.